Pokemon KIBO Pikachu - How To Claim This Cute Monster

Here at the tail end of the year 2020, Nintendo aimed to celebrate a KIBO stream from the International Space Station. In the mix on this particular event celebration was a new Pikachu delivered via Mystery Gift in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. If you have either one of these games, this unique, rare, limited edition – whatever you want to call it – Pikachu is yours to claim.

The KIBO Pikachu can be attained in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield via the games' Mystery Gift feature. This special Pikachu isn't all that different from your average Pikachu, save a couple of unique moves and the fact that he arrives at level 21 – because that's the year we're about to enter.

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To get this special Pikachu, go step by step:

• Press Y

• Select Mystery Gift

• Select Get via Internet

• (connect to internet)

• Select KIBO's Pikachu Gift

• You did it!

This special edition Pikachu comes with Thunderbolt and Swift, and can attain Wish and Celebrate. Celebrate is a fun move, a celebratory move, a move that you'll likely use once then forget about because it's not particularly powerful or helpful in real-deal big-time battles.

Wish is an Egg Move – and you'll likely want to make it usable! The Wish move allows Pikachu to heal itself or the Pokemon that'll replace it in battle by HALF its hit points – good stuff indeed! You'll need to claim this Pokemon by the 15th of January, 2021.

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO is celebrating the New Year with some big bonuses and Shiny Pokemon aplenty. Take a peek at the timeline below for more information about what's out there right this minute. Once you've captured your fill, transfer them all to Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield and have a good time, all the time.