Pokemon GO Sierra Battle's Best Counters And Weaknesses

To beat Team Rocket, or GO Rocket in Pokemon GO this month, you'll need to battle Sierra and Cliff and Arlo, too! If you're looking for the best way to make your experience victorious, you'll want to make sure you're battling with the Pokemon that take advantage of your opponents' weaknesses. In any case, you'll likely be fighting both of these bosses more than once. Today we're taking a closer look at Sierra, against whom you'll need a variety of odd Pokemon, for sure.

Pokemon GO Sierra counters

Sierra's no slouch – she's brigning heat in the form of Water, Dark, Ground, Normal, Ghost, Fairy, and Dragon type Pokemon. Her choices are diverse, and your counters must be on-point. Sierra's first Pokemon is always Carvanha, against which you'll want to pack your team with Pokemon with Fighting, Bug, Fairy, Electric, and Grass type Pokemon. Scizor, Beedrill, Sirfetch'd, Leafeon, and Sceptile will be ready to roll.

The second Pokemon in Sierra's crew could be Hippowdon, Porygon-Z, or Mismagius. If it's Hippowdon, pick a Pokemon with Water, Grass, or Ice moves – like Kyogre, Kingler, Mamoswine, or MEGA Venusaur! If it's Porygon-Z, deliver the punches with a Fighting Pokemon – Machamp, Heracross, Sirfetch'd, Chandelure, Latias, or Latios. To defeat Mismagius, pick a Pokemon with Ghost and/or Dark moves – like Gengar!

For the third Pokemon, you might be facing Houndoom, Flygon, or Walrein. To take on Houndoom, pick a Pokemon like Hariyama, Tyranitar, Kyogre, or one of several Mega Pokemon, like Machamp, Swampert, or Blastoise.

To take on Flygon, use a Pokemon with Fairy, Dragon, or Ice moves. Beartic or Alolan Ninetails will do the trick – any other Ice Pokemon should prove rather damage-worthy. To battle Walrein, pick a Pokemon with Fighting, Grass, Electric, and/or Rock type moves. You'll do well to pick a Pokemon like Raikou or Mewtwo, Ampharos, or Heracross.

Take a peek at the timeline below for additional tips for the rest of the Team Rocket GO crew in Pokemon GO. We're ready to trounce the competition from all angles!