Morgan Super 3 Is A Modern Reboot Of The Iconic 3-Wheeler

We first caught a glimpse of Morgan's all-new 3-Wheeler last year, and the first thing we noticed (despite the car's heavy camouflage) was the absence of a V-twin engine between those iconic round headlamps. But now, the Morgan Motor Company has officially lifted the veil on its newest 3-Wheeler, now called the Super 3.

It may look similar to the old car, but the latest Super 3 is the first Morgan to have a three-part aluminum monocoque frame. It's also the first clean-sheet design by Morgan since launching the Aero 8 twenty-two years ago. "Super 3 stands out as something different," said Jonathan Wells, Head of Design, Morgan Motor Company. "It looks toward our past, is relevant to the present, and reinstates a firm vision of Morgan's design future."

The new monocoque frame is not only lighter and more rigid than before, but the compact packaging has freed up interior space to give the driver and passengers more wiggle room.

Morgan Super 3: Jet-Age Design

Whereas the outgoing 3-Wheeler drew inspiration from the 1920s, the Super 3's sleek and aerodynamically optimized body drew influence from the jet age of the mid to late century. However, the aero-optimized design still evokes vintage touches of a long-gone era. It still has round headlights, a horseshoe front grille, and a pull-rod front suspension that now attaches to a cast-aluminum "Hartland Strut" architecture.

The Super 3 has glorious front aero wheels wrapped in modern Avon Speedmaster tires with ballooned sidewalls. In addition, the insides of the front wheels are closed off to deliver better aerodynamics at speed, and everything you see in the front (the suspension wishbones, pull-rod suspension, and headlights) were optimized to improve airflow towards the radiator to improve engine cooling.

Ford Engine

Under the Super 3's hood is a Ford-sourced 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated three-cylinder mill pumping out 118 horsepower and 110 pound-feet of torque, sending power to the rear wheel using a five-speed manual gearbox derived from the Mazda MX-5 to ensure crisper gear changes. Furthermore, Morgan claims it optimized the pedal spacing for easier heel-and-toe engagements.

The Super 3 tips the scales at around 1,400 pounds (635 kg), 242 pounds (110 kg) heavier than the old 3-Wheeler. Despite this, it still accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 7.0-seconds, has a 130 mph top speed, and averages 40 mpg.

Resilient Interior

The open-top Morgan Super 3 has an IP64 waterproof interior. You can choose from vinyl, water-resistant leather, saddle leather, or technical fabric upholstery that repels water and UV rays. The automaker claims every part of the cabin is "dust-tight and protected against water splashing from any direction," and this includes the standard USB charging ports. In addition, the Super 3 is the first Morgan to have a fully-digital center-mounted instrument cluster.

The order books are now open for the Morgan Super 3, and the first deliveries will arrive in the UK and the rest of Europe in a couple of months. Meanwhile, North American deliveries will commence later this year. The new Super 3 has a base price of £34,958 in the UK, equivalent to about $47,000.