Pokemon GO's New Shiny Aggron Just Went HAM!

This morning it was revealed that Pokemon GO has a brand new shiny Pokemon in Aron. This Pokemon evolves into Lairon, then evolves into Aggron, one of the most awesome Pokemon in the game! Users can find Aron in all the Rock and Steel Pokemon regions. That means parking ramps, train stations, quarries, downtown, near highways, and in shopping malls – that's where you'll want to go.

Several users confirmed this morning that Aron is indeed available as a Shiny Pokemon in the wild this week. This comes just one day after Niantic revealed that a new set of HOENN Region Pokemon were released for all users. If previous SHINY rules follow, Aron (and the other two Pokemon in Aron's line) will remain available as a Shiny Pokemon in the wild for a week or two.

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Shiny Aron is a lighter silver with black features – but won't appear that way before being tapped by the trainer. It's only after the Pokemon is seen in the catching screen that the Shiny nature will be revealed. Users will notice sparkling shiny stars tinkling all around the monster as it jumps around their Pokeballs.

Aggron cannot necessarily be found as a shiny Pokemon when seen as a Raid Boss. Instead, users will want to find the Aron first, then evolve twice. That'll take users a while as the first evolution requires 25 candy, then the next requires 100 candy. Catching a whole bunch of Aggron to attain this candy is a good way to make that happen quickly.

Also according to Niantic this week, users are going to find a whole lot of HOENN in their Pokemon eggs. For a "limited time," said Niantic, every Egg hatched will feature a Pokemon "originally discovered in the Hoenn region. NOTE: This is only for NEW eggs, not eggs that are already in your backpack.

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