Pokemon GO update: Flygon and this Gen 3 list just released!

This morning Niantic revealed a new set of Pokemon from Gen 3 in the Pokemon GO universe. This expansion comes from the Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon games and blasts well beyond the initial set of 150. Even though we've STILL got no Mew, we've got a whole lot of other Pokemon from the furthest reaches of HOENN!

This newest update to Pokemon GO includes 23 NEW Pokemon. All of the Pokemon added to the game with this update come from the HOENN region, and all 23 are required for all trainers to attain their full Pokedex. Users aiming for the best of the best from this newest set will want to seek out Aggron and Flygon.

If our calculations are correct, only 27 Pokemon remain un-released in the game, aside from Legendary Pokemon. For Niantic, that might mean one release, or it might mean two. One of 27 could be possible, but the last batch has a few Pokemon better suited for their own special events – so we'll see.

The monsters released in this update include the Trapinch line (3), the Aron line (3), both Lunatone and Solrock (2), the Whismur line (3), the Cacnea line (2), and the Numel line (2). If the theme we're seeing here rings true, we're seeing a desert theme, which means we'll probably see a few fossil Pokemon too!

New fossils COULD be: Baltoy, Torkoal, and Nosepass. If those sound like fake names to you, you're not alone. This is the point in the Pokemon timeline that begins to get completely bonkers. But as bonkers as it gets, the intensity of HOENN rings all the louder. Hype time is here.

To download the newest version of Pokemon GO, simply head to your local app store and type in Pokemon GO! In actual reality you will not – should not – need the update in order to see the new Pokemon, but you never know! If you've not updated in a few weeks, now's the time to do so!