Jins Pokemon Glasses Make Prescription Lenses Fun Again

The Pokemon glasses frames you're about to see are fun, imaginative, and unique. These are words I did not expect to attach to a pair of prescription lenses – not here in 2020, nor ever, really. In a move that I most definitely did NOT see coming, the folks at Jins worked with the official Pokemon Company and created a set of licensed glasses for people of all ages that reflect a set of Pokemon in unique and interesting ways.

The folks at Jins make prescription glasses frames that you can order online. In the mix they've got four categories: Flagship Model, Johto Region Model, Kanto Region Model, and Kids Model. Each of these categories have 2 or 4 models therein, with prices between $100 and $140 USD.

The most unique models are the Flagship Model frames, one each for Pikachu, Eevee, Snorlax, and Mew. The Mew has a Mew tail at the tips of its earpieces, and rim flair inspired by Mew's ears. The Eevee Model looks very similar to the Mew, but with Eevee-inspired colors to transform the look for this Pokemon.

The Snorlax model has earpieces with inspired by the hands of Snorlax, with printed Snorlax icon and Pokemon logo on their inner rim. The Pikachu model has Pikachu tail inspired earpiece tips, etched Pikachu Icon, and Etched Pokemon Logo.

Each of the Johto Region Model glasses look very similar, with thin temples with a unique circle accent at their ends. Each of the models has a color scheme matching their assigned Pokemon: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodyle, Lugia, and Ho-Oh. The Johto Region Model comes with a classy white case, a long Pokeball cleaning case, and sticker tag with one of several Pokemon unique to the model.

The Kids models are slightly less uniquely shaped, but just as fun. There are two Pikachu models, one brown, one slightly more electric yellow. There's an Eevee model in dark brown and light tan, and a Mew, with a Master Ball at its tail.

The same goes for the newest entry in the series, the Kanto Region Model, with a classic shape and some extremely tiny accents on the left and right temples.

Each of these unique sets of frames is delivered with special glasses cases, and cleaning cloths. They all come with their own special stickers too – regardless of if you're getting a Flagship, a Region, or a Kids model.

Jins also revealed that they'd be releasing a bunch of these Pokemon-themed glasses with blue light blockers. WHat better way to play Pokemon GO for days, and days, and days at a time than with blue light filters?