First Google Pixel 7 Renders Hint At Largely Unchanged Design

It may be only four months since Google announced and subsequently launched the Pixel 6 series, but that's long enough for fans to start talking about Google's plans for its next-generation Pixel 7 devices, which aren't due until at least October 2022.

On February 23, two different sets of images leaked that supposedly show what the next generation Pixel devices may look like. The first set of photos came from a little-known portal called "choosebesttech," which, in collaboration with tipster xLeaks7, released CAD renders of a device that they claim to be the Google Pixel 7.

A few hours later, it was the turn of Steve H. McFly – better known by his handle OnLeaks – who collaborated with Indian tech blog Smartprix to release the first renders allegedly showing the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Unlike OnLeaks' high-quality, realistic Pixel 7 Pro renders, the Pixel 7 images released by xLeaks7 seemingly feature an unfinished model devoid of color. Another thing that raises questions about the Pixel 7 renders is the similarity of this phone with the soon-to-be-released Google Pixel 6a, which has already appeared in another set of leaked images.

The leaked Google Pixel 7

Choosebesttech collaborated with xLeaks7 to publish several rendered images of what is said to be the upcoming Google Pixel 7 model. Despite allegedly representing the next evolution of the product, those familiar with Google's most recent model may notice the phone in the renders is nearly identical to the existing Pixel 6, at least in terms of the overall design language.

Upon closer inspection, though, you will see subtle changes to the positioning of the camera lenses and the LED flash. What remains unchanged, however, is the general design of the camera bump, which looks identical to the existing bump on the Pixel 6.

As mentioned, there's an issue with the CAD renders from xLeaks7, which is that they look similar to leaks of the upcoming Pixel 6a. Several Twitter replies claim these renders, in fact, belong to the Pixel 6a and not the Pixel 7, as reported by the tipsters, though it's impossible to say for sure.

Pixel 7 Pro gets high-quality renders

Because the Pixel 7 Pro renders come from the usually trustworthy @OnLeaks, it is probably safe to assume the next generation of Pixel smartphones may share the same design as its sixth-generation siblings, though with small adjustments.

As with the supposed Pixel 7 leak above, there are subtle changes to the design — but nothing that deviates away from the existing Pixel 6 Pro. There are apparent differences in the design of the lens array and how they happen to be arranged, though that's pretty much it. Steve also indicates the Pixel 7 Pro will be marginally bigger than the Pixel 6 Pro while also being slightly thinner (8.7mm as opposed to 8.9mm). The display size is expected to be around the 6.7-inch or 6.8-inch mark.

With just over eight months left for Google to launch the Pixel 7 series, there is ample time for the company to tweak the recently leaked design, which may have been based on early prototypes. This means there's still the possibility of Google ultimately launching Pixel 7 devices that look nothing like the phones you see in the images above.