Shiny Pokemon "Cheat" In Sword And Shield Made Easy With Switch Up

There's a Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Shiny farming method available now for Nintendo Switch that... isn't exactly cheating, but certainly isn't natural. The Collective Minds "Switch Up 2.0" connects to your Nintendo Switch and works with a Nintendo Switch handheld controller to allow macros to work. A combination of buttons on the controller effectively chains commands to the Switch, allowing you to cut your farming (or any number of other activities) time down a LOT.

The Switch Up device connects to your Nintendo Switch and acts as a messenger for the Nintendo Switch wireless controller. It has a set of built-in codes, what they call "MOD" commands, that work with specific games. So far they have a set of MOD commands for Pokemon GO and Fortnite.

One MOD allows the user to "quickly release Pokemon one at a time from your box" by holding – and arrow up until rumble. If you hold – and arrow down until rumble, the machine will release all of the Pokemon you have in a box in quick succession.

Perhaps the most controversial MOD included with this machine is the "Shiny Egg Chaining" MOD. If you hold – and arrow left in the right area in the game, you'll "endlessly chain for eggs." The result is madness – your character rides your bike in circles until an egg is found, the egg is hatched, and your character moves on to the next egg, all automatically.

This device has a MOD for Box Egg Hatching (Advanced Shiny Chaining), another for Egg Farming (Advanced Shiny Chaining) (on the Route 5 Nursery), and a MOD for "Box Surprise Trade." This system will automatically Surprise Trade entire boxes of Pokemon using Nintendo Online and a stable internet connection. Another MOD allows Auto ROTO LOTO, using the Loto-ID at the Motostoke PokeCenter.

There's even a MOD that allows you to auto-spin. Your character will need to spin a LOT in order to evolve Milcery into Alcremie – this makes that simple. There's a simple AUTO CONFIRM MOD that allows you to "quickly tap ZR" continuously – consider talking to the Digging Duo with this to change all your Watts into Money.

There's a Shiny Soft Reset Chaining MOD, a MOD for Max Raid Watt Generation, and a Rare Den Farming MOD. Finally, there's an "EASY CYCLE" MOD, just in case you want to bike in circles anywhere you like.

UPDATE: Switch Up 2.0 works with modes for Pokemon Sword & Shield, Fortnite, Animal Crossing, Mario, Zelda, and it has a very general cover-all "Macro Mode." The Switch Up Game Enhancer v2.0 can be purchased for a price of $24.99 USD right this minute if you like.