Google DVD Screensaver To See The Bouncing Logo

There's a new Easter Egg in Google search right now, if you care to take a peek. This is different from the website that focuses on the Bouncing DVD Logo, but not entirely different from what you'd expect from such a logo. Pam claims she saw it one day when she was alone in the conference room... Okay.

Pam also claims she saw a ghost at a bar, so who are you really going to believe, here? You could take a peek at the logo bouncing and wait for hours, even days before you saw such a corner hit – but you never know! Now's your opportunity to take part in the fun with millions of other Google searchers.

To be fair, though, not all searching individuals will see the same logo bouncing at the same time. The logo begins to bounce as soon as you search DVD Screensaver, and it starts depending on when your search begins.

For fun, try to open multiple browsers, and see if your computer's battery life falls exponentially. Now is the time to see if Google Chrome can handle the most infamous screensaver of all times!

Or is that Flying Toasters? Take a look at what Zouhir has to say about the situation. He seems to be the engineer on Google Search responsible for this release. Drop down into the timeline of links below for more recent Easter Eggs that've been released by Google in the last few seasons.

If you'd like to see a wide variety of search oddities and Easter Egg bits like this, take a peek at the list of Google Easter Eggs over on Wikipedia. Some are active, most are removed. One that we hope will never removed is the search for "the answer to life the universe and everything". Take a peek!