Pokemon GO Update: Eevee Evolution Charts Tweaked

For those in Pokemon GO about to evolve their Eevee into the first Espeon or Umbreon they've ever had, pay attention. The most recent chart of Eevolutions, methods, and best potential outcomes has arrived. Barring all Pokemon GO hacks and whatnot, we're having a look at the insides of the software to show you exactly what's possible for Eevee in the wild.

Wild Capture

The first thing we're going to do is list the most updated chart on what's possible with wild Eevee captures. This list includes the minimum CP and the max CP available for Eevee given power level. The minimum CP of any given Eevee is 10, while the max CP is 969. A max CP Eevee is extremely rare.

Eevee Wild Capture Stats:

• Max Wild Capture: 830 CP

• Global Spawn Rate: 2.75%

• Capture Rate: 30%+

• Flee Rate: 10%

• Max Egg Hatch: 615 CP

• Egg Hatch Rate: 18%

As such, there's just under 3 Eevee hiding in every 100 Pokemon that pop up around the world at any given moment. The rarity of Eevee in general is dictated by the region in which the user is standing. Eevee is not a region-specific Pokemon, so there's nowhere where Eevee CAN'T pop up, but it'll be more common in places like Residential Neighborhoods and University Campuses.

Power up Eevee or wait until Evolution?

For those that wish to power up an Eevee before evolving – don't even. Using Stardust to power up an Eevee costs the same as an Eevee as it does in any evolved form. It does not matter what evolution the Eevee is at any given time.

Pokemon have a hidden "Level" which dictates their minimum and maximum CP. Every Pokemon is always a Level between 1 and 40, and each time Stardust is given to a Pokemon, it grows 0.5 level. To raise the level of an Eevee from level 21 to level 21.5, it'll cost a trainer 3000 Stardust. To raise the level of any evolved form of Eevee from level 21 to level 21.5, it'll cost a trainer 3000 Stardust.

When evolving a Pokemon – any Pokemon – trainers should ALWAYS wait until the full evolution is complete before deciding to add Stardust. The final evolution will show what moves the Pokemon can do – and they're not always great. For Eevee, the final evolution can be one of five entirely different Pokemon that each have their own unique set of possible moves. Leveling up an Eevee before evolution is not a great idea.

Is this Eevee worth evolving?

In general it's best to wait until finding an Eevee that's as close to maximum level as possible before evolving. Maximum level for Eevee in the wild is 30 – that's the same for every Pokemon in the Pokemon GO universe. As such, the max WILD CAPTURE for Eevee is 830 CP.

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The best Eevee available in the wild will be between 642 CP and 830 CP. Once that Eevee is captured, it can be leveled up with Stardust up to level 40, where its max CP will be between 749 and 969. Again, don't DO that – see Section 2. But that's the range you're dealing with.

Eevee Worth Evolving

• Minimum: 200+ CP*

• Maximum: 830 CP

*This is our opinion – anything less than this and the Eevelution isn't going to be a worthy Gym attacker or defender. This is really up to you, when it comes down to it – especially if you're targeting Pokemon types with types that are strong against certain types. If you're battling another Vaporeon, for example, you could potentially beat a level 2,000 with a Jolteon of level 1,000 – since water is weak against lightning.

In the end it all comes down to what you want and what you're willing to wait for. For more information on HOW to get the Eevee evolution types you're wishing to get, including Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, or Umbreon, have a peek at the timeline below. We've got more guides than you'll know what to do with.