Pokemon GO Giratina Counters For Raid Hour

The Pokemon GO monster Altered Forme Giratina has very little weakness in its bones – but it IS beatable. The best Pokemon to take to the Raid Hour on October 13, 2021 have moves in the Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, or Fairy-type Pokemon realm. This might seem simple, save the significant overlap these types have with Giratina's various resistances as a Ghost and Dragon-type Pokemon.

Altered Forme Giratina has a major resistance to Normal and Fighting-type Pokemon moves – these moves do just 39% their normal damage when hitting this Pokemon. Standard resistance for Giratina applies to Electric, Grass, Water, Fire, Bug, AND Poison-type moves. Each of these moves does just 63% their normal damage to this Pokemon.

So you're looking for Pokemon that have Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and/or Fairy-type moves, primarily. Each of these moves does 160% of their normal damage to Giratina. If you're looking for the absolute best Pokemon to beat Giratina, you'll have a few nearly-unattainable Pokemon to top the list.

Rayquaza is the absolute best non-Mega Pokemon to battle Giratina, so long as it has Dragon Tail and Outrage. In fact, look for every Pokemon you own with Dragon Tail and Outrage and you'll likely find a team that'll take on Giratina with great success.

If you have access to Mega Gengar or Mega Houndoom, these will also bring heat so long as they have Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball (Gengar), and Snarl/Foul Play. Palkia, Garchomp, and Dragonite are also fair choices, so long as they have Dragon Tail (fast), and either Outrage or Draco Meteor.

If you have at least 4 people on your team, you can beat Altered Forme Giratina. We would not recommend going in with less than 4. You could potentially beat Giratina with 3, but you'll have a tough time beating the clock!

Altered Forme Giratina raid hour starts in Pokemon GO at 6PM local time on October 13, 2021. This "raid hour" lasts exactly as long as you might expect, until 7PM local time.