Pokemon GO Vileplume Vs Bellossom: The Best Shiny Gloom

Shiny Oddish was revealed by Niantic this week as the newest Shiny Pokemon in the game Pokemon GO. When a new Pokemon such as Oddish is revealed as appearing with a Shiny edition in the game, that means that the rest of its evolved iterations go Shiny, too – and usually that's only good news. Today we're expanding on our exploration of the Shiny Oddish and the questions it raises in Pokemon GO, with special attention on Vileplume vs Bellossom – a Sophie's Choice!

If you want to add every single different sort of Pokemon to your Pokedex in Pokemon GO, you'll need to capture more than one Shiny Oddish. This is because there is a fork in the Oddish evolution chart. Much like the several Eevee evolutions and the nightmare of Shiny Eevee Pokedex completion, Oddish can evolve into more than one final evolved Pokemon.

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Oddish always evolves into Gloom, but after that, the final branch on the tree goes to either Vileplume or Bellossom. If you evolve to Bellossom, you'll get more points added to your Gloom's defense than if you'd have otherwise evolved to Vileplume.

If you evolve to Vileplume, you'll get a greater number of points to everything other than defense. Oddish is both a Plant and Poison Pokemon. Gloom is both Poison and Plant type, too. Vileplume is both Plant and Poison but Bellossom is just Plant type, dropping the Poison entirely.

Pokemon GO evolution: The best stat point bonus

Evolving from Gloom to Vileplume always gives your Pokemon the following points added to stats: +71 attack, +55 defense, +53 stamina, +1331 CP. Evolving from Gloom to Bellossom will give the Pokemon the following additions to stats: +38 attack, +74 defense, +53 stamina, +1053 CP.

Either way your Pokemon's added points to Stamina are equal. Vileplume gives 33 more attack and 278 more HP than the Pokemon would get if evolved to Bellossom. Bellossom gives 19 more defense than the Pokemon would otherwise get if evolved to Vileplume.

In the end, the differences are relatively small – and Bellossom has fancy pink flowers when it is a Shiny Pokemon. It's also very tiny, where Vileplume generally appears massive on a Pokemon GO stat page. Bellossom has a base weight of 5.8kg and a height of 0.41m where Vileplume weighs in at 18.6kg and is around 1.19m tall. That's nearly 4-feet tall where Bellossom is 1-foot, 3-inches!

Not that any of that size bit matters in the game – but you never know! There's always future mods that could be made to matter! Stick around SlashGear for more Pokemon GO action with more updates to the latest round of Pokemon spawn changes later today!