7-11 app lures Beta app testers with store points

There's a 7-11 app here in the United States that's released a Beta version for product testing. This app was recently given a big update with Mobile Checkout and what's called "7NOW delivery" – but the interesting bit is the call out to the public issued by the Product Owner for 7-Eleven's apps just this week on Reddit. There he suggested that beta testers would get "reward points" for signing up, and that he'd be looking to get some "exclusive rewards and benefits" for testers as they "scale the beta group up" later this year.

This is the modern software testing machine in action – this is how social media can be used for good, allowing everyone involved to benefit from their contribution to the end product." I realize not everyone lives near a 7-Eleven," said 7-Eleven Product Manager Taylor Wimberly. "But we got over 12k locations in the United States and Canada, so I thought this might be a good place to recruit some testers."

One of the first comments made was regarding the extremely basic security flub that took place in Japan's 7-Eleven app back in July of this year. That nonsense rolled out thanks to a digital wallet system which used 7 Pay. "The US and Canada app is a separate app that developed in the US, and does not have a mobile wallet feature," said Wimberly.

This is the first part of the testing system for the app, as done with Google's own official Google Play app beta testing system. Wimberly noted that he's pushing for iOS TestFlight next. The open beta testing system for the 7-Eleven app is only open for Android at this moment. If you see any sort of similar testing for a 7-Eleven app (for iOS), double-check the source!

The 7-Eleven app's system of rewards includes an "800 points" automatic reward for registering and verifying of one's first account. Points are issued for all purchases made in-store, and "bonus points for the deals listed in the app," according to Wimberly.

The app has AR games that utilize the user's smartphone's camera that give users "daily points" as well. Wimberly suggested today that he hopes "to have some exclusive points in the future for helping to test new features."