500px adds mobile uploads for photographers on the go

Chris Davies - Feb 12, 2014
500px adds mobile uploads for photographers on the go

Photography sharing site 500px has finally added mobile uploads to its iOS app, answering one of the loudest feature requests among users. The app, billed as a way for professional photographers to showcase their work while on the move, had previously worked in browse-only mode, showing galleries and allowing for comments but no actual new content to be uploaded.

That’s all changed in version 2.5, however, released today. Now, any photo in your Camera Roll can be uploaded straight to 500px, whether it was taken with the iPhone itself, or transferred over from a digital camera.

The latter could end up being a popular use, as the number of DLSRs and interchangeable lens cameras with built-in WiFi proliferates. They generally allow for remotely accessing photos stored on the camera’s memory card and transferring them over to nearby phone or tablet, at which point they could now be shuffled off to 500px’s cloud.

Sony’s new version of the PlayMemories app, for instance, will later on this year be updated to automatically transfer photos from a camera like the new Alpha A6000 to a phone whenever the camera is turned off.

Of course, there may be some concerned that an increasing number of smartphone shots will now be shared, rather than those taken with a “proper” camera, though given the rise in mobile photography that seems inevitable.

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