500,000 Google Reader users convert to Feedly

When one door closes, another one opens, and that statement proves very true for Feedly. After Google's shocking announcement that it's going to shut down its Google Reader service, Feedly's user base has increased phenomenally. The service has already gained over 500,000 new users in just 48 hours. Feedly has done a great job in enticing Google Reader users to convert to its service, and it has launched new servers and increased its bandwidth by 10 times in order to keep up with demand.

Feedly announced that Google Reader users would be able to seamlessly migrate their RSS feeds over to its service. The service even offers similar features to Google Reader, alongside its own special features. The service allows you to view your RSS feed in a condensed style (Title View) for those of you who have so many updates in your Google Reader feed that you have no time to scan through them individually.

Along with offering similar features to Google Reader, Feedly also has plenty of features that will attract new users. Users will be able to view their stories in a more aesthetically pleasing way, like "Magazine" style, or "Cards" view, and there are options to customize your launch page, your featured articles and more. Of course there are a lot of things Feedly can improve on, so for the next 30 days, it will pay close attention to its users's feedback in order to improve its user experience as much as possible.

Importing your Google Reader feed into Feedly is very painless. All you have to do is sign into your Google Account and Feedly will automatically sync your Reader's feeds. You will have to do this before Google Reader is cut off on July 1st however. Feedly is also available for many platforms, inluding: iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It's one of our top 5 alternatives to Google Reader.

[via Feedly]