4USxUS app allows you to watch your Senator

Today we're having a peek at an app that'll allow users to keep track of their senators and representatives in Washington DC. The app is all self-funded and was developed by ONE main developer and his partner. The app gives its user real-time updates on House and Senate votes and allows the user – you – to participate in your democracy. Watch a bill, watch a rep, see what's up.

Since the app – actually a conduit leading to the program's website base – is only being handled by a single person and his partner, it could be more involved and interactive. For what it is – for what you might want it to accomplish – it's already pretty great.

The idea that we don't already have an app for this – or a whole litany of apps that are up to the task, is unthinkable.

Think about how little most people in the United States pay attention to what their representatives vote on, much less how they vote. Consider how simple it'd be to check on votes every single day – once a day, replacing one of a user's 100x compulsive checks of Facebook and/or Twitter.

How simple!

The app can be found on Google Play, and the website can be found at 4USxUS.com right this minute.

Also yes, it is silly that the app is called For Us By Us without acknowledging the original democratic clothing brand FUBU. That is all.