4K Video Transfer Over WiGig To Be Demonstrated At Intel Developer Forum

For the time being, consumers have gotten a look at WiGig technology through select vendors, with the technology having begun to pick up speed in recent times as more devices are offered with it. That speed increase will be coming in a different way in the near future, however, with DisplayLink and Wilocity announcing that it will demonstrate 4K video delivery with the technology at the Intel Developer Forum.

WiGig offers the wireless transfer of data over a short-range network operating on the 60 gigahertz spectrum, allowing for a high amount of data to be transmitted rapidly. Both DisplayLink and Wilocity have announced that they will show off the transfer of 4K video over the network. Such will be accomplished using a DisplayLink WiGig docking station and Wilocity-equipped laptop.

The WiGig technology is being implemented using tri-band WiFi via Wilocity, allowing for up to 7 gigabits of data transfer per second. Says DisplayLink, this is a first in the industry and is partly achieved via the use of 802.11ad wireless. We'll get more details later this week when the technology goes up on display.

Said Wilocity's Vice President of Products and Sales Jorge Myszne: "Our partnership with DisplayLink to demonstrate wireless 4K graphics and video marks a significant industry milestone, as we are showcasing the ability of WiGig to offer capabilities previously exclusive to wired technologies. It's an exciting time for Wilocity, as the industry's first WiGig-enabled products began shipping last February, new platforms launched this summer, and we are now showcasing new, cutting-edge use cases. We look forward to more exciting firsts to come."

SOURCE: Venture Beat