45,000 Facebook passwords stolen by Ramnit worm

It's time to change your passwords again, Facebook users, because a worm by the name of Ramnit has entered the social realm through the social network with a capital F. Don't worry though, most of the passwords were stolen from people living in the UK and France. That said, this worm has been around since as early as April of 2010 and has been transforming ever since, coming to Facebook after running through so many computers on the way that a July 2011 Symantec report said Ramnit variants accounted for a total of 17.3 percent of all software infections TOTAL. It's time for some social fun!

This most recent iteration of the worm is actually a Financial twist to Ramnit, tricking ladies and gentlemen into clicking links posted by those users assume are their friends. Of course your friends have no idea what's going on, having never posted those links themselves, but upon clicking, you too spread the viral love. Those behind the Ramnit worm are likely taking passwords they've collected from those that clicked to access Gmail, Corporate SSL VPM, Outlook Web Access, and Twitter accounts, amongst others. In other words, change your passwords, change them now.

And for those of you that've clicked any links on Facebook over the past... ever, change your passwords too. And never, ever, click anything ever again. You likely wont have a way to detect if you've already been affected, but changing your password will stop these hackers from using your account through the future unless you fall for the same trick again. Stay smart, change your password often, kill the worms!

[via Seculert]