3view OTA HD digital TV box packs IPTV, Z-Wave, Opera [Video]

Google might be getting all the STB-related attention with their much-rumored Google TV project, but a far more impressive home media box looks likely to reach the market well ahead of them.  3view is a UK DVR that promises to blend OTA digital TV reception with streaming IPTV, throwing in Opera 10 and even Z-Wave home automation compatibility.Video demo after the cut

The hardware consists of a STB with dual DVB-T2 HD digital TV tuners for OTA high-definition broadcasts, along with a 500GB hard-drive, UPnP and DLNA streaming, and two USB 2.0 ports.  There's also 10/100 ethernet connectivity (though 3view will sell you a USB WiFi dongle if you ask nicely), HDMI, SCART and S/PDIF.  Out of the box, the 3view software will support YouTube videos, MPEG 1, 2 and 4 H.264, Windows Media (with and without DRM) and both 720p and 1080p HD.  BBC iPlayer support is expected to be added in a subsequent upgrade.

As for home automation, that depends on 3view's software and what Z-Wave kit you already have around.  The only thing the company are talking about now is an energy monitor, which would track your home electricity use via an on-screen TV widget.  The 3view box is set to hit the market at £299 ($448), though there's no specific release date at the moment.

[via TechCrunch Europe]