3rd-gen iPhone photos leaked? Front camera, headphone port on base

Is this a photo of the new iPhone?  It's a question we've asked surprisingly few times over the past couple of weeks, given the proximity to Apple's WWDC on Monday (which SlashGear will be live-blogging at http://live.slashgear.com/) and the spate of rumors throughout May.  Now, a Spanish site has released what are claimed to be shots of the upcoming model, complete with shifted ports, new controls and a tweaked chassis.

As well as a different shape to the casing, and an apparent matte finish as has been rumored, the "leaked" photos also show a fascia redesign with two slots at the top of the handset.  There's also a discrete LED indicator embedded in the front panel.

The headphone socket has also seemingly moved, from the top edge of the handset down to the bottom as on the iPod touch, and there appears to be a button on the lower right-side edge of the handset that, given similar controls on other cellphones, could be a camera button.  The lower slot on the fascia could be front-facing camera, its been suggested, with the LED an indicator as on the iSight webcam embedded into MacBook notebook displays.

[via Wired]