3DTV Sales Better Than HDTV at Same Point in Life Cycle, Analyst Says

Evan Selleck - Nov 29, 2010
3DTV Sales Better Than HDTV at Same Point in Life Cycle, Analyst Says

For 3DTV, or even 3D as a whole, there’s a heated debate going on behind the scenes. It’s one that you may have with people you know, even friends, as you suggest that 3D is the future, or perhaps that it’s just a giant waste of time. And while companies all over the globe try to capitalize on the reemerging technology, some analysts out there haven’t been all that positive about the technology’s adoption. But, for one European analyst, it’s not all Doom and Gloom. In fact, he believes 3D adoption is better than HD, at the same point in the technology’s life cycle.

The word on the street from Futuresource Consulting, is that 3DTV has a better adoption rate than what HDTV had at this stage in its life. The new industry report claims that, “The retail performance of 3D hardware for the home has been developing at a healthy pace, bolstered by 3DTV prices falling by close to 40 per cent in some cases, and year one adoption of 3DTV is running at a far quicker rate in most territories than it did for high definition.”

The company goes on to point out that they believe 3DTVs will sell more than 4 million units this year alone, of which 1.2 million of those will be sold in Europe. However, on the flip-side, they do point out that with companies like Toshiba already announcing their intention of releasing glasses-free 3DTVs in the future, some consumers may just be waiting to buy their first 3DTV until they don’t have to wear the glasses anymore.

[via TG Daily]

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