3DFusion makes wave with glasses-free 3D display

The increasingly popular stereoscopic 3D technologies are everywhere, from live sport, PC and gaming console to the upcoming Blu-ray equipped player, but all of them require wearing a stereoscopic glasses that many have reluctant to try. It's not about appearance, though it looks silly in some way, but what happen you've lost the glasses when the entertainment is calling on you? 3DFusion has the answer, how about a GLASSES-FREE 3D display?

3DFusion is jumping on 3D bandwagon likes everyone else, except they are on the right track with 3DFMax platform that needs not having a typical stereoscopic glasses to view the third dimension contents. According to the 3D Fusion, it's built on Phillips WOWvx 3D media app and believed to be the first of the kind with 3D broadcast ready display. "3DFusion No Glasses Stereoscopic 3D is the first and only 'ready for Prime Time' 3DTV."

Vendors already invested in similar technology but required the special-made eyewear need not worry; the 3DFMAX display is still in early development, and its area of interests are advertising digital signage with network capability. But with enough interest, and the wealth of technical expertise from the electronics giant, Phillips; we wouldn't be surprise to see the No-Glasses-Stereoscopic-3D technology overcomes the indifferent in third dimensional entertainment.

The announcement did not disclose display technical aspect, but we've seen a pair of similar 3D wonders revealed from Philips last year, a 52-inch LCD with Full HD and another 56-inch LCD with 3840×2160 pixel resolution.

LAS VEGAS –(Business Wire)– Feb 19, 2009 3DFusion (3DF) is proud to debut the first market launch of its 3DFMax™, stereoscopic Glasses Free, Broadcast Ready 3D display platform at the Digital Signage Exposition 2009. 3DF has designed a 3D NO Glasses, AOOH AD Network Turnkey & Kiosk package, which is a dedicated, customized unit for the digital signage industry.

Built upon the Philips 3D Solutions, 2D Plus Depth format, the 3DF IP enhances and augments the 3D advancements to the point of achieving the first 3D Broadcast Ready, picture perfect standard for stereoscopic Glasses Free 3D displays.

3DFusion a key Philips North American 3D Solutions Provider and Certified Blue Box Content Creator, has taken the newly released Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx Media Player to the next level. "When 3DF coupled its 3DFMax™ optimizer technology with the latest Philips software upgrade," stated CEO Ilya Sorokin, "the results were breathtaking. The Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx product is the undisputed 3D winner, having crossed the 3D finish line first. In our opinion, the 3DFusion No Glasses Stereoscopic 3D is the first and only 'ready for Prime Time' 3DTV."

Steve Blumenthal, President of 3DFusion remarked, "Philips 3D Solutions deserves all the credit, they baked a great cake, we just added the icing. From my perspective, the new release of the Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx Media Player, makes the Philips ASD package the 'go to' market leader in stereoscopic No Glasses 3D. Philips 3D Solutions stands alone in providing the only complete end to end technology solution capable of finally delivering the Holy Grail of Auto stereoscopic 3D."

3DFusion has incorporated this historical first to market 3D solution into 3 products. They are the 3DFusion 3D Digital Signage, multi panel Kiosk for AOOH Ad Nets, the 3DF turnkey "3D in a Box" platform for all non-network applications. The planned 3DFusion Artist Guild for 2D to 3D conversion is a membership-based Guild dedicated to developing advanced 3D content rendering and conversion tools designed to support the end user.

3DFusion's first job was to get 3DFMax 3D out of the Lab and into the marketplace. 3DFusion management determined that any thing less than Broadcast Ready was a non starter. 3DF determined that not only was it necessary to create perfect picture 3D, but that access to a user friendly path for clients to create their own Broadcast Ready content was essential. With the advent of the recently released WOWVX Media Player, the Blue Box and the 3DFMax™ tools, this technology solution comes of age. For the first time, the tools are available through which any 3DFMax Guild member can achieve Broadcast Ready 3D for the Glasses Free, 2D Plus Depth format.

Blumenthal went on to say, "This initial 3DFusion Broadcast Ready 3D is in its infancy. It will only get richer, more immersive and captivating. This is the very first of many steps in the art of 3D stereoscopic high impact imaging. But make no mistake, this is the key first step which delivers Glasses Free 3D without the accompanying Headache, easily surpassing conventional 2D TV."

The 3DFusion Digital Signage Ad Net Kiosk and Turnkey platforms are 100 percent compatible with existing Ad Net installations, performing within conventional 2D specification guidelines. The 3DFusion platform seamlessly replaces 2D systems without additional bandwidth or installation requirements, and it automatically operates as either a 2D or 3D Display.

Stated Mr. Sorokin, "The 3DFusion Advertising/Entertainment platform is truly the next 'New New, Thing' – it will bring about a media revolution. It is precisely what the Advertising/Entertainment industry has been looking for."