3D Systems ProJet 5500X multi-material composites 3D printer unveiled

I just mentioned the 3D Systems color ProJet 4500 3D printer. The company has also announced another 3D printer today called the ProJet 5500X. This 3D printer doesn't print in color, but it does print using multiple composite materials.

The company says that the ProJet 5500X is able to produce the toughest multi-material parts out there. The 5500x is able to produce larger parts in greater quantities with 60% more capacity than similar printers.

The device also has multi-material jetting able to produce parts two times faster than other printers according to the manufacturer. The printer can handle a variety of materials and supports several colors including opaque, clear, black, white, and lots of gray shades.

The materials used to print a single part can be varied. The printer is capable of printing parts up to half a meter long. Availability and pricing on the 5500X printer is unknown.

SOURCE: 3D Systems