3D printed car takes 2-days to build, 40mph top speed

You can 3D print just about anything these days from parts for assault rifles to components for just about anything else you can think of. We have talked about a company in the past called Local Motors that has developed cars using 3D printed parts. Local Motors is based in Arizona has built what it claims to be the world's first fully functional 3D printed electric car. The vehicle is called the Strati and has 49 parts.

The chassis and body of the 3D printed vehicle is made of a single solid piece of 3D printed material and the car has a top speed of 40mph. the printing of the vehicle took place at the International Manufacturing Technology show in Chicago last month.

The car is electric with batteries inside rather than a conventional engine, and holds two passengers. Construction for the car is from layers of black plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. The printer used to construct the vehicle was supplied by a firm called Cincinnati Inc and was able to make parts measuring 3ft x 5ft x 10ft in size.

Local Motors hopes to be able to make cars of this type for around $17,100 in the future. The seats, body, chassis, dash, centre console, and hood are all 3D printed. Local Motors says that the vehicle has a range of between 120 and 150 miles, at 40mph that 120-mile trip will take a long time.

SOURCE: Dailymail.co.uk