3D pico-projectors gather steam: glasses-free by 2012

It's 3D all round with pico-projectors these days, as the companies behind the pocketable display devices try to catch a hold of the 3D gravy-train.  Sydiant have taken the easy route for their SID 2010 demonstration this week, taping two regular pico's together with a polarizing film in each; viewers wearing standard 3D glasses see the projected image in three dimensions.  Meanwhile, Aiptek have confirmed that they're planning both glasses and glasses-free pico-projectors for launch over the next couple of years.

March 2011, the company says, will see the launch of a 50-lumen pico-projector.  That will require special glasses in order to see the 3D effect, but Aiptek reckon they'll have a follow-up model, with a whopping 100-lumens brightness and that requires no glasses for 3D use, sometime in 2012.

Exact details of the technology are unknown, though Aiptek will use DLP pico modules in their 2010 range.  That will include a camcorder with an integrated 15-lumen projector expected to arrive in Europe come June.

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