Can Pandora make mobile music special?

If I were manning the product development team for one of the big hardware companies, I think I'd put my feet up on the desk and relax a while.  After all, there are legions of fans and critics across the globe dreaming up new gadgets and refining tweaks for existing ones – who needs to pay an in-house team any more?  Case in point: Geek Limit's PandoraPod music player concept, a Bluetooth and WiFi enabled DAP that not only has 4gb of internal storage but can stream a user's personalised Pandora music channels.

Pandora has already fuelled a number of tweaks and hacks as music-lovers find new ways to take enjoy the company's clever playlist algorithms.  Building on an existing Insignia mp3 player, the PandoraPod is the first one designed to take the system mobile (as far as I'm aware).  Usual Pandora-guiding features like track rating and even selecting songs to buy (whether that be instant downloads or queueing them up for purchase when you're back on your computer), it sounds like the ideal solution for anyone who gets tired of the music they've got.

Are you listening, Insignia/Pandora?  Or does any other DAP manufacturer want to take on the challenge?

The Pandora Music Player [Geek Limit]