360-degree iPhone 3GS gaming with laser pico-projector [Video]

Chris Davies - May 10, 2010, 3:50am CDT
360-degree iPhone 3GS gaming with laser pico-projector [Video]

Smartphone gaming with accelerometer and digital compass control is great, but adding a pico-projector and making it a whole lot more immersive is, well, a whole lot better.  Soundkite took his iPhone 3GS, jailbroke it and hooked it up to a Microvision ShowWX pico-projector, allowing him to play games that are projected onto a nearby wall, ceiling or floor.  It’s not the first time we’ve seen the laser pico-projector’s focus-free abilities exploited in this way, but Soundkite’s system gets bonus points for being DIY.

Video demo after the cut

While the iPhone 3GS will play nicely with the ShowWX when it comes to video and photo slideshows, you need to jailbreak the smartphone in order to use an app like TVOut2.  That way you can get the game visuals to output via the pico-projector too.  Unlike DLP projectors, the laser-based ShowWX can focus on any surface with no manual intervention required; that means you see a clear, crisp image wherever you point it.

In fact, the only real problem Soundkite is facing is a shortage of suitable games to play with his new setup.  Maybe that will change if Microvision put their similar prototype into production.

[via PicoProjector-Info]

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