3 years later, a new trackball mouse from Logitech

In recent years, Logitech has been releasing a number of ergonomic office accessories, and today it added one more to the lineup. The company announced the ERGO M575 Wireless Trackball, a new mouse that is intended to keep hand and wrist strain at a minimum over hours of use. While ergonomic mice are nothing new from Logitech, the M575 serves up a budget option for trackball fans.

The ergonomic claims Logitech makes are easy to believe because of that trackball, which obviously allows users to move the cursor without moving the mouse and, by extension, their wrists. At first glance, the M575 looks somewhat similar to the company's aging MX ERGO mouse, only the M575 lacks the ERGO's adjustable hinge. The M575 makes up for the lack of customization options by running half the cost of a the MX ERGO.

The mouse is equipped with an angled scroll wheel and palm support suitable for a "wide range of hand sizes," according to Logitech. Since there's no movement necessary, Logitech suggests that the mouse could be a good fit for those who don't have a lot of workspace – for instance, those who are stuck working from home during the pandemic when they'd otherwise be working in a office with a lot of desk space.

The mouse is wireless and is powered by a single AA battery, which Logitech says can last for up to 24 months when used when the included USB receiver. The mouse can also be used via Bluetooth Low Energy, but unfortunately, Logitech's announcement today didn't delve into expected battery life when used over BLE as opposed to the wireless receiver.

The mouse is compatible with Mac, iPad, and PC, and its tracking sensitivity can be adjust through the Logitech Options app. The ERGO M575 is available now in graphite and off-white for $49.99.