22 Megapixel Laptop drives huge multitouch wall [Video]

Remember the 22-megapixel multitouch wall display from a few months back?  Having all those millions of pixels whipping around to follow your gestures is all well and good, but the 30 PCs used to drive the 28 projectors involved sucks down power, produces masses of heat and isn't exactly practical for home users.  How about driving that same 22MP wall display, 28 projectors, from a single MacBook Pro?Video demo after the cut

The so-called 22-Megapixel Laptop addresses network-attached projectors driven by 28 virtual displays, coupled together with a straightforward UI that allows the user to treat them all as a single panel.  Altogether it's good for a 7168 x 3072 image; the multitouch system uses an array of eight cameras running across the floor in front of the display, tracking independent points of contact together with gestures.