21 unique Xbox One consoles revealed at SDCC

There's not shortage of unique one-off pieces of hardware, artwork, and toys at SDCC this week, and Microsoft isn't about to be left out in the dust. They've brought on a whopping 21 new Xbox One consoles with designs that'll only be released once. Not everyone will get one, but one of those who do might as well be you.

If you're actually at SDCC this week, you're in luck – you'll be given the opportunity to nab one of these consoles by tweeting a photo of your favorite with the hashtags #XboxOne and #XboxSweeps. If you're at home, you'll have to watch out with @Xbox for a tweet that sends out one unique set with bright reds and whites.

Here you'll see the whole new collection of unique sets. Which one are you all about? We've numbered them thusly:

1. Machinima

2. Madden 15

3. MLG (Major League Gaming)

4. Nerdist

5. Skylanders Trap Team

6. Sunset Overdrive

7. The Crew

8. Titanfall (there's also a GREEN version of this at the Respawn Entertainment booth.)

9. Twitch

10. The Aweseomes (animated show on Hulu)

11. Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha

12. Kinect Sports Rivals

13. HALO: The Master Chief Collection

14. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

15. Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

16. Dragon Age: Inquisition

17. The Evil Within

18. Evolve

19. Fable Legends

20. Disney's Fantasia: Music Evolved

21. Forza Horizon 2

Let us know if you'd like any of these sets to be made into real-deal full production-level consoles. We'll be taking home the one in yellow and pink – or maybe the one with the brains! Stick around SlashGear's SDCC tag portal for more comic-con as well as SlashGear Gaming for more Xbox One!