2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV Electric Supertruck aims for shock & awe

GMC promised something equally-impressive from its 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV as its all-electric pickup cousin, and sure enough it's a zero-emission, maximum-impact truck to coax away combustion's biggest fans. Revealed this weekend during March Madness, the Hummer EV SUV is the second part of what GMC always promised to be a two-model family, and certainly lives up to the automaker's "electric supertruck" billing.

There's no doubting that it's a Hummer, at least from the outside. The familiar exaggerated proportions are all there, including vast fenders and body lines just on the handsome-side of slab-like. 22-inch wheels manage to look positively normal.

Where the big difference arrives, of course, is at the rear. Where the 2022 Hummer EV has a pickup body, the Hummer EV SUV encloses the rear for those who want space for five and a secure cargo area. It also fits the full-size spare tire onto the tailgate.

It's definitely big, though GMC has called upon some clever tech to help make it more maneuverable. Though the 126.7-inch wheelbase is lengthy – and assists with the promise of great departure and breakover angles – 4 Wheel Steer is used to help slim down to the turning circle. That's just 35.4 feet on models with the feature.

Meanwhile CrabWalk, which allows the SUV to move diagonally in and out of parking spaces, or through tight spots when off-roading, is also available. Extract Mode is included as well, and there'll be an Extreme Off-Road package which swaps out the wheels for 18-inch versions with 35-inch-OD MT tires. That package will also add underbody armor and rock sliders, front eLocker and virtual rear lockers, heavy-duty ball-spline half shafts, and GMC UltraVision including cameras mounted underneath the truck for the best possible view of the trail.

Underneath it all is GM's Ultium platform, its next-generation electric architecture, and definitely here putting on its best show to convince those who only associate electric with earnest Prius and Leaf. There'll be up to 300+ miles of range, trim-depending, GMC says, but even more impressive is up to 830 horsepower for a roughly 3.5 second 0-60 mph time. That's with the tri-motor, 20-module battery system support 800V and 300kW.

Inside, the Infinity Roof with GMC's removable "Sky Panels' sections is standard, along with a rear drop-glass window. The dashboard blends tech with rugged features, including big displays and chunky controls, and there are auxiliary buttons and the My Mode setting for customization. Enhanced Super Cruise – with automatic lane-changing – is standard, too.

Production of the 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV is expected to begin in early 2023, which leaves the automaker a little time to keep working on getting Ultium ready for the mainstream. It'll kick off at $105,595 for the first Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 package – with 22-inch premium wheels, assist steps, and floor liners as standard – with the Extreme Off-Road Package taking it to $110,595.

After that will come the $89,995 Hummer EV 2X SUV and the $99,995 Hummer EV 3X SUV, in spring 2023. The former will pack up to 625 horsepower from two motors, the latter up to 830 horsepower from three motors. Both will supply up 300+ miles of range from a 20-module battery, and there'll be 800V/300kW support. The Extreme Off-Road Package will be optional.

Finally, the Hummer EV2 SUV will be the most affordable of the family, at $79,995. It'll have 250+ miles of range and up to 625 hp from the 2-motor/16-module battery configuration, and 400V architecture. The 800V 20-module battery for 300+ miles of range will be optional when it arrives in spring 2024.