2022 Genesis GV60 EV to arrive with facial recognition like a smartphone

It seems the incoming 2022 Genesis GV60 EV will arrive with more than just love-it or hate-it styling, funky paint colors, and a mysterious floating oddity on the center console. In a recent announcement, Genesis said US-bound GV60 electric vehicles are coming with facial recognition technology.

This innovative new tech is more intelligent, faster, and offers better convenience than wristbands or physically entering PIN codes. Initially available for the 2022 GV60, Genesis said the tech would soon make its way across its vehicle portfolio. Facial recognition allows the EV to recognize faces and open or close the doors without using a keyfob. In addition, the vehicle will apply settings like the seating position, steering wheel height, and side mirror positioning upon recognizing your face.

The system uses a custom Near-Infra-Red (NIR) camera to recognize faces in low-light or foggy conditions, even in the darkness of night. In a burgeoning and highly competitive segment, new EVs are battling for supremacy by offering new-age tech. From the looks of it, it seems the GV60 will become the goalpost for future EVs in terms of clever, affordable technology.

In addition, a new fingerprint authentication system allows GV60 drivers to start the vehicle using a biometric scanner. This means you can leave the keyfob inside the car, go out for a swim, come back, and enter/start the vehicle using only your face and fingerprint. Genesis claims the system can store two facial profiles. All relevant data are encrypted and stored, and users can delete their data if preferred.

Based on the styling alone, you wouldn't mistake the GV60 for a supremely high-tech car. Still, it's turning out to be a technological hotbed. The Genesis GV60 is the first production EV to have wireless inductive charging like in the 2019 BMW 530e PHEV. The wireless charger has enough power to recharge the GV60's batteries in six hours, four hours faster than using a wall charger.

It also has a gimmicky Crystal Sphere, but it does add a hi-tech look to the GV60's interior. Finally, the GV60's OTA (Over-the-air) updates will also cover vehicle settings like suspension, brakes, airbags, and steering upgrades. The 2022 GV60 will arrive in US showrooms in early to mid-2022.