2021 LEGO Star Wars sets couldn't be cuter

A wave of LEGO Star Wars sets were revealed today for release in the year 2021, and they're super cute. The sets revealed over the new year, set for later this year in 2021 were were fine – they were great. They were Star Wars, they were LEGO, they really couldn't lose. But the three sets revealed this week – they're just over-the-top cute and fun.

The first we're looking at, above, is the latest "Microfighters" set. They've been releasing these sorts of sets for a while now, and they've been decent. This one takes the cake. A pair of Tauntaun horns (either brand new or available here in the least expensive set they've ever launched with) make the whole set come together.

The AT-AT is lovely, but we've seen very similar models before. This set is really all about that Tauntaun. Look at him! He's amazing! The full set will cost you approximately $20 USD and it'll be released on March 1, 2021.

Next is the latest edition of the Imperial Shuttle. Before now we've been messing with ultra-expensive or utterly tiny iterations of this classic ship. Now we've got the perfect middle ground. This $70 iteration of the Star Wars Imperial Shuttle includes Jedi Luke, an Imperial officer, Darth Vader, and one of the most classy starships in the Star Wars universe. This set will also be released on March 1, 2021.

The Resistance X-Wing might be the best and least expensive way you'll access a BB-8 minifigure. You'll also get an undeniably simple and fun-to-construct X-Wing model, and a Poe Dameron for good measure. This set will be released on March 1, 2021, and it'll cost approximately $20 USD.

Take a peek at the timeline below for a set of LEGO set reviews we've done over the past few months. There you'll find a far closer look at said sets than you might otherwise ever get – up close and personal!