2019 Audi Q8 spy shots show a classy ride

Shane McGlaun - Sep 20, 2017
2019 Audi Q8 spy shots show a classy ride

Automotive fans like to see images of unannounced vehicles clad in camo because it gives us a glimpse at what future vehicles will look like. The vehicle in these spy shots is said to be the Audi Q8, the flagship of the Q line for Audi. The Q8 is said to be in near production form in this image.

The photographer caught the Q8 with doors open for some nice interior shots. As you would expect in an Audi, the interior is very well appointed. The design and layout of the dash and interior of the Q8 is very similar to the A8 with significant tech crammed inside. The dash in the spy shots shows dual touch panels, thought to be one for infotainment and one for climate control.

The Q8 interior does show a continuous vent design in the dash. You can also see lots of glossy black surfaces inside the car and an expected second-generation Virtual Cockpit. It does appear that there are some physical buttons below the bottom touchscreen. We hope those are controls for climate since you have to take eyes off the road and look at what you are doing with virtual climate control buttons.

Despite the camo on the Q8 in the images, you can still see that it has styling that reminds of the Q8 sport concept teased back in March. Audi is expected to bring a RS Q8 to market eventually. The Q8 is expected to launch next year.

After the Q8 launch in 2018, the Q4 SUV is expected to launch in 2019 to bring more of the increasingly popular SUVs to the Audi fold. As car sales are starting to sag across the board, sales of SUVs and crossovers continue to be strong luring automakers to add models.

SOURC: Motor1

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