2018 Audi R8 V10 Competition Maxes Out The Everyday Supercar

Regular Audi R8 not quite special enough for you? The supercar widely acclaimed as the easiest to live with every day is getting a performance-oriented special edition, with the 2018 Audi R8 V10 plus Coupe Competition package promising to max out every aggressive option for a handful of lucky owners.

It's based on the regular 2018 R8 V10 plus, which Audi's engineers then take on a heist through the Audi Sport performance parts warehouse. All of the available parts are fitted to the car, which is finished in Suzuka Gray with a full carbon fiber aero kit.

There's also the black optic exterior package, with a black grille surround. Matching front lower air inlets and rear air outlets are included, too. The fixed rear wing is carbon fiber, as are the side sills and front spoiler. There are carbon fiber flics, and a matching great diffuser.

20-inch milled-cut wheels are finished in matte black, borrowing design elements from the Audi R8 GT4 car. They're shod with summer rubber.

The R8 Competition package doesn't just look the part, mind. It's also designed to be faster and more aggressive: that aero pack adds to downforce considerably, for example. At around 93 mph, downforce is doubled compared to a R8 V10 plus Coupe, at 114.6 pounds total. Push it to the top track speed of 196 mph, and you get a whopping 551.2 pounds of downforce, an increase of more than 220 pounds.

It also cuts the drag coefficient, while Audi adds a performance brake pad upgrade with titanium backing plates to make sure you can stop just as effectively. Three-way adjustable coiler suspension has been fitted, along with Audi's dynamic steering.

Inside, there are black racing shell seats with red contrast stitching, full leather across the upper and lower dash, door, and side panels, and an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel with 12 o'clock market. Carbon fiber shift paddles bring some of the exterior detailing to the cabin. A Bang & Olufsen 13 speaker, 550 watt audio system is included, too, just in case the sound of the V10 isn't enough for you.

Only ten of the 2018 R8 V10 plus Coupe Competition package cars will be coming to the US, Audi says, scheduled to arrive in dealerships come November. It'll be priced at $237,350 (plus a $1,250 destination charge and $1,300 gas guzzler charge).