2013 Ford Mustang has lighted logo projector, shuts down factory

When you've got something so utterly groundbreaking as a lamp that projects an image onto the ground beside your car, you know you're about to change the industry – or at least that's what Ford hopes will happen with the 2013 model of the Mustang, complete with running horse under the side mirror. When you head to your car and drop the key in the lock, before you open the door you'll be able to admire nothing less than the classic steed galloping along the ground (not animated, just still) in a projected light image emanating from under your side mirror. Of course there will be other features on the vehicle that you've never heard of before – but who cares when there's awesome lamps to be had?!

While this easter egg may seem to an outsider to have been a simple enough task to implement on a vehicle over a year out of the box, apparently this was no pie when it came to making it a reality. The tiny projector lamp solution came after six or seven attempts at the shiner, the final look appearing very close to what you're seeing in the images above and below. The perfect balance between awesome and absurd had to be found.

The final solution ended up being so magically delicious that apparently it shut down the production floor at Ford's Flat Rock assembly line when it was first activated. One of the workers flipped the switch, the light came on, and everyone ran in at a mad rush. We're sure this sort of thing will start to show up on cars across the industry in just a few years time. Perhaps some Bat Signals in 2014?

[via AutoBlog]