2013 Ford Fusion touts "unprecedented technology"

There's nothing like a car company claiming they've got a car like the 2013 Ford Fusion with what they're calling "unprecedented future mobility technologies," that's for certain. In this case we've got a vehicle that both looks the part and has a collection of features inside such as lane-keeping, a Blind Spot Information System, driver alert systems, and a whole lot more. These systems, says Ford, enhance the abilities of the drive to move forward with not only driving, but driving smart.

A statement released this week on the car that'll be released later this year shows that Ford is focusing on innovation for a future that's not only powerful in its "smart" abilities, but works to be eco-friendly as well. Paul Mascarenas, chief technical officer and vice president of Ford Research and Innovation speaks on the vehicle this week and how it'll help shape the future of Ford.

"The new Fusion is a showcase of how we will use sensors and vehicle data to enhance the driver's own capabilities when behind the wheel. Driver assist technologies will continue to provide increasing levels of convenience in the near-term. In the future, they also will help us manage issues such as traffic congestion and CO2 reduction." – Mascarenas

Have a peek at the 2012 Ford Fusion's new Lane Keeping system to see just one of several ways in which this vehicle will be driving forward, so to speak.

Pull-Drift Compensation is another element here in the 2013 model, it working with your electric power-assisted steering in the vehicle to avoid the negative effects of steeply crowned roads as well as steady crosswinds. This system is able to change the direction of the car if it senses the car drifting off the road, and uses EPAS to provide gradual steering corrections to make sure the car is going the direction the driver wants.

These are just a couple of the vast set of improvements on the everyday systems of the vehicle here with the next-generation 2013 Ford Fusion. Stay tuned for more!

BONUS: have a peek at how the 2013 Ford Fusion was introduced earlier this year courtesy of Ford Fusion Chief Designer Chris Hamilton: