20 To 40hr Notebook Runtime Promises New Pixel Qi Displays

Pixel Qi, the company formed by ex-OLPC CTO Mary Lou Jepsen, have been talking up their super-efficient display technology and the impact it could have on mobile device runtime. According to Jepsen, Pixel Qi are currently working with notebook and e-book manufacturers on applications using a color and video capable e-paper, with power demands a fraction of traditional LCD screens.

"At Pixel Qi, we have a new series of inventions that go well beyond the OLPC screen that we are developing right now... We can enable an increase of 5-10X battery life between charges compared with a standard notebook. This means that rather than needing to recharge your batteries every few hours, you could run 20-40 hours of use on a one charge"

First, however, will be an indoor/outdoor readable screen that offers both direct sunlight and HDTV-quality modes. That's expected to emerge in products in the second half of 2009. It's uncertain whether the product they grace will be the $75 notebook Jepsen promised back in January.

Pixel Qi's displays are particularly promising not only because of their low power requirements but their compatibility with existing manufacturing processes.  They are made from traditional LCD materials on the same production lines; however the company has not confirmed which manufacturer will be responsible for producing the Pixel Qi displays.

[via Gizmodo]