2 new Instagram hidden features simplify the system

A pair of new features were added to Instagram recently with nary a peep from the company at release time. Instead, they left the features to be discovered by the masses. Today the pair of features were finally... featured... by Instagram head Adam Mosseri. This very friendly man showed both features as "hidden gems" in the most recent versions of Instagram.

As noted by Mosseri this week, if you're using the iOS version of Instagram, you should have access to both Carousel Deletion and Rage Shake. The first bit is likely the most helpful to those individuals that don't often have major issues with their Instagram app or the content therein. Carousel Deletion should be live on your iOS device's Instagram app now – if not, go update!

Carousel Deletion is a feature that, by all means, should have been part of the process from the moment adding multiple images to a single post became possible. Only with this latest version of Instagram can you edit a post with a carousel of pictures and delete one picture at a time. This feature can be accessed with a trash can icon in the upper left-hand side of a picture in a carousel.

Carosel Deletion is active on the latest version of Instagram for iOS now, and will be available for Android soon. Such is the way of things, and such is the way things have been since the dawn of Instagram. Fun fact: Instagram was originally only available to iPhone users – weird!

The second feature revealed this week by Adam Mosseri is Rage Shake. This feature works with physical sensors in your smartphone to detect when you seem to be shaking your phone up and down. Assuming your phone can detect whether you're rapidly moving it, physically, up down and around, Instagram should react.

When you Rage Shake your phone with Instagram open, a screen should pop up asking "Did something go wrong?" Instagram will suggest that your feedback will help them improve, and you'll be given the opportunity to report a problem.

Once you initiate this system once, you'll see an option to toggle. You can switch off your "Shake phone to report a problem" option if you do so wish. It'll very likely be turned on by default.