1Seg Digital TV Tuner Packs 128bit Encryption

Analysts agree that 2007 will be the year of USB digital cheese, as shown in this photo... what's that?  This isn't digital cheese?  It's a 1Seg TV Tuner with a fancy-smancy rubberised cover?  I'm disappointed and elated, all in the same trousers.  In fact, this digital tuner from GreenHouse not only receives TV but supports the Japanese scheduling and recording standards of EPG and iEPG, meaning you can schedule recordings as well as time-shift and pause live programmes.

All is not perfect, however; the tuner saves files with AES 128bit encryption, limiting you to watching shows only on the PC you recorded them on.  No sharing that Pokémon cartoon via BitTorrent for you, you filthy copyright pirate!  Otherwise, there's not much to show here – a magnetised base to angle the tuner in any direction is about as funky as it gets.

GreenHouse [via Akihabara News]