1Password gets even better, now has easier login creation

Nate Swanner - Jan 26, 2015, 11:46 am CST
1Password gets even better, now has easier login creation

For the security-conscious among us, 1Password has proven itself an indispensable tool. The app — available for iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X — both manages and generates secure passwords for you, and their new TouchID features are promising. An update, rolling out for iOS users today, brings in the ability to generate one-time passwords as well as some new features for their app extension. Sync is also improving , as is 1Password’s language support, in what the AgileBits team calls their ‘awesomesauce’ update.

New login features streamline the process, with 1Password making quick work of popular site logins. By choosing a site from their list (you can still add your own, of course), 1Password simply asks that you enter an email. From there, you can choose to create your own password, or have one generated for you.

The benefit there is getting ahead of the game. If you have a password generated in 1Password — even for sites you may not be signed up for currently — your credentials will be available in 1Password next time you visit that site.

Pro users will get access to one-time password creation, which is great for those times you have two-factor authentication set up. Paid 1Password users will also get new custom field types like address, date, and month/year.

Sync now changes your master password on iOS if you change it on your Mac (when syncing via wiFi), and has undergone a near total overhaul to make sure your items are synced as close to real-time as possible when you use iCloud.

There are a ton of improvements with 1Password for iOS, and the full changelog can be found via the link below. If you don’t already have 1Password, it’s free on the App Store, but the $10 in-app upgrade is well worth it.

Source: 1Password

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