xTool F1 Ultra: Laser Engraving With Laser Precision

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Engraving and embossing gifts and decorations is a great way to add a little bit of personal flair to them. It's nice to give your spouse a framed picture of the two of you together, for example, but it's even nicer if the frame has both of your names and the date laser-engraved onto it so you'll always remember when the picture was taken. That personalization is also great for professional pursuits — nothing makes a statement of confidence at your next big meeting like passing out engraved business cards.

The only downside to having things engraved or embossed is that taking it to business can be a bit on the pricey side, especially if you're having something large or dense engraved. While there are tools available to handle engraving on your own, they can be a bit large and unwieldy. How can we solve both of these problems at once? Simple: get a compact engraving device that can handle jobs with high speed and precision from the comfort of your desk.

As it happens, xTool, creators of next-generation manufacturing tools, has such a thing coming in the immediate future: the F1 Ultra dual laser system. This humble device is small enough to sit next to your computer on a desk, yet powerful enough to engrave and emboss just about any kind of material you can think of with unprecedented efficiency.

Easy laser engraving on all kinds of materials

The F1 Ultra is the world's first dual laser galvo system, packing both a 20W fiber and 20W blue diode laser into a single convenient package. Both of these lasers utilize the same level of power, allowing them to fire at a precise and consistent level at whatever you're processing.

Speaking of processing, the dual laser system is powerful enough to process just about any kind of material you'd want to get engraved, including wood, leather, acrylic, plastic, and lighter metals. The lasers can actually cut right through thin sheets of metal like stainless steel, brass, and aluminum for cutting out letters and shapes. Besides engraving and cutting, the system can also handle in-depth 3D engraving and embossing. You could take a generic metal disc, for example, and emboss a beautiful 3D picture on it to create your own commemorative coins.

If the power of the lasers has you concerned about operational safety, don't be; the F1 Ultra is designed with multiple safety features to ensure your well-being during operation. The laser system is fully enclosed in the work environment to prevent any stray beams, while the enclosure doubles as a light-dampening filter to protect your eyes. The enclosure is also equipped with a filtration system that automatically captures any dust or smoke produced by the engraving process.

Factory-level production on your desk

Whether you're interested in starting your own engraving business or just really like making knick-knacks for your friends and family, the F1 Ultra will allow you to do so with a level of speed and efficiency that you would expect from a professional operation. The entire device is shipped pre-assembled for easy set-up, measuring in at 273 x 373 x 492mm, small enough to fit on a desk, with a 220 x 220mm work space that's more than large enough to fit all of your materials. The device has a touch-screen interface for easy control, though you can also sync it up to a computer via xTool's Creative Software suite. There's even a built-in 16MP camera to provide you with a constant feed of your project-in-progress.

The xTool F1 Ultra is a highly efficient, easy-to-use tool. Utilizing the Auto Streamline Production framework, the F1 Ultra can make batch production of engraved gifts a snap, not to mention fun to watch for those working at the front of a store, zooming through the process at 10,000mm per second. If loading materials by hand feels too unwieldy, there's also an optional Auto Conveyor that expands the work space to 220 x 550mm, carrying materials through the device while the camera recognizes them and engraves them in sequence.

The F1 Ultra is now available on xTool's official website, priced at $3,999. Participate in the xTool trade up program to enjoy an extra $200 off, making the final price $3,799. This offer is open to anyone with a used laser machine or vinyl cutter of any brand.