Twitter Leak Confirms Apple Partnering with Nuance for iOS Speech Recognition

These screenshots posted on Twitter by @ChronicWire uncovered Nuance settings in the latest internal iOS build. This confirms that speech recognition is on the way, possibly as soon as iOS 5 this fall. This is great news for anyone that is currently texting while driving. We are definitely in favor of making the iPhone better, and making the roads safer.

Lots of rumors about a Nuance-Apple partnership were flying around before WWDC, but nothing was mentioned during the keynote. It seems that Apple and Nuance had been working on a deal for quite some time, it just wasn't ready in time for the WWDC. These screenshots are all we have to go on at the moment, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Speech recognition technology has been around for years, but it has also been fraught with problems every step of the way. Anyone that has tried speech recognition software has probably experienced a wide range of results while using it, everything from the occasional humorous typo, to the output resulting in compete gibberish. Do you think speech recognition has improved enough for iOS integration, or do you think it is best left in science fiction for the time being?

[via Macrumors]