4 Affordable Hobby Tools You Can Find At Harbor Freight

Professionals and serious DIYers aren't the only ones who need tools to complete a task. Many hobbies, such as woodworking, model painting, and electronics repair, require specialized tools. If you are on a budget, this can be intimidating. But stores like Harbor Freight Tools offer budget products that won't put a hole in your wallet.

There are some important questions to ask yourself when shopping for tools online: Does the tool come with accessories? Does it have multiple functions? Do customers recommend the product? Although Harbor Freight Tools offers a generous return policy for items purchased online, it's good to know what you want before you lock in a purchase.

This article presents four inexpensive Harbor Freight tools for hobbyists, detailing their specifications and use cases, and explaining why each tool is considered inexpensive. These tools were chosen after carefully reading hundreds of Harbor Freight user reviews.

Warrior 12V Cordless Variable-Speed Rotary Tool Kit

A rotary tool is essential for a wide range of hobbies, including woodworking. Warrior offers a 12V Cordless Variable-Speed Rotary Tool Kit for $29.99 that ticks all the boxes of what a solid rotary tool should have, making it a valuable addition to the list of Harbor Freight Tools you'll want for woodworking projects. It has a five-mode variable speed control, which gives it a range of 5,000 to 32,000 RPM. This wide range allows it to work on a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, and metal.

This rotary tool kit is a valuable option because it comes with 19 accessories. These accessories, such as the 1/2-inch sanding drum and the polishing wheel, expand the tool's use cases. With this kit alone, you can buff, etch, carve, and sand. The rotary's spindle lock makes switching bits easier, meaning you can easily switch from one task to another. 

Because the tool is cordless, you won't have to worry about managing a cable. A 12V battery and charger are included, so you won't need to worry about purchasing those either.

The Warrior 12V Cordless Variable-Speed Rotary Tool Kit has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the Harbor Freight online store. What customers loved the most about the product was its price point, which, combined with the tool's versatility and power, made it excellent value for money and an easy recommendation.

Bauer 20V Cordless Full Sized Glue Gun

Harbor Freight offers a $19.99 Bauer 20V Cordless Full Sized Glue Gun that customers love. One of Bauer's selling points is that the gun reaches its maximum temperature of 455 degrees quickly. Once it's ready to go, an LED light will shine to let you know. 

There are many reasons why a hobbyist would want a solid glue gun on standby. At only $19.99, this tool can do a lot. One of the most popular uses of glue guns is to create arts and crafts. It can also come in handy for small-scale DIY projects around the house.

Some notable features of this Bauer glue gun include its large trigger and rubberized handle for grip. The glue gun has an anti-drip design that stops the glue from coming out as soon as you let go of the trigger. The package comes with three full-sized glue sticks. It doesn't, however, include a battery. You'll need to buy a lithium-ion 20-volt battery separately. 

The gun has 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Harbor Freight store. Customers were impressed by how fast the gun heats up and noted that the LED indicator made the gun easy to use. Many reviews also noted that because it weighs only 0.7 pounds and is cordless, it is easy to work with.

Chicago Electric Welding 100-Watt Soldering Gun Kit

Like a glue gun, a soldering gun can come in handy for multiple projects. It can be used for electrical repairs, wire joining, and other DIY projects. This makes the $24.99 100-watt Soldering Gun Kit from Chicago Electric a useful product.

Despite its affordable price, this soldering gun does not sacrifice power. The gun can reach up to 1000 degrees. It also heats up fast, reaching its maximum temperature in about eight seconds. While you are soldering, an LED light on the tip will turn on automatically, and illuminate the object you are working on.

The soldering gun's tip can be easily replaced, meaning you won't need to worry about your gun becoming useless if the tip is damaged. Three tips are included in the package, along with a 10-gram soldering reel, 10-gram soldering flux, and a storage case.

The gun is corded, so you will need an outlet nearby to use it. This can be a positive, as you don't need to worry about charging the tool, or a negative, as it limits you to using it in your house or garage. But customers don't seem to mind because it has a 4.2 out of five-star rating. Reviewers note that the gun heats up fast and is easy to use.

Avanti Airbrush Compressor Combo Kit

An airbrush is an incredibly versatile tool that you can use any time you need a smooth finish and fine control. Not everyone creates art or paints figurines, but if you do, you won't have to break the bank. The $99.99 Airbrush Compressor Combo Kit from Avanti may seem expensive, but it is quite reasonable when compared to mid-range and professional airbrush compressors. It might not have the features of a professional kit, but it will likely be solid enough for most DIYers. 

This airbrush has a pressure range of up to 58 PSI, and works with enamels, lacquers, water-based paints, and oil paints. It has a 0.3-mm stainless steel nozzle, and you can use the gun's air regulator to adjust the pressure. The dual brush holder and quick-connect coupler allow you to swap out colors mid-project.

The airbrush comes with a 10-foot braided hose, and includes multiple hose adapters. With a 4.8 out of 5 rating, customers wrote that, aside from the price, they like that it's easy to clean up, sturdy, and has everything you need from an airbrush kit.

Why were these tools chosen?

These tools were chosen based on user feedback and reviews, with each tool rating at least a 4 out of 5. We looked for products on Harbor Freight Tools that rated price as among the best features of a tool, along with convenience, ease-of-use, and performance. Additionally, we ensured that the products had ample reviews to give us more data.

For the list, we mostly chose tools that have more than one possible application. This gives the product more value for hobbyists with multiple projects, and allows them to get more use out of one tool. We also made sure that customers felt each product was durable and had a solid build quality, so you aren't likely to end up with a dud that breaks the first day you use it.