Take A Look Inside Super Bowl 2024's Stadium With Apple Maps: Here's How

Super Bowl fans, iPhone users, and anyone generally curious about the state of modern mapping tech can enjoy this little Easter egg from Apple: it has made it possible to view the inside of Allegiant Stadium using its Apple Maps product. Though Apple remained quiet about the ability, iPhone users noticed that upon zooming in on the stadium β€” where Super Bowl 58 is being held β€” they were greeted with a 3D illustration of the facility alongside other major landmarks in Las Vegas. The best part? You can check it out for yourself if you have an iPhone.

To see Allegiant Stadium's interior in 3D for yourself, open the Apple Maps app on your iPhone, type in "Allegiant Stadium," and then pinch and zoom in on the stadium itself. If your iPhone defaults to the satellite view, you'll first need to tap the view button overlaid on the map and switch to the Explore option, which will switch the interface to dark mode with its cartoonish illustration-like design. You'll also need to tap the button that says 3D to toggle it on if you're seeing a flat top-down look at the city.

You can see other Las Vegas destinations in 3D, too

Once you're done taking a look inside the 3D version of Allegiant Stadium (which includes the Apple Music logo plastered over the field), you can zoom around to look at other nearby landmarks with the same level of detail. For example, the Tournament of Kings is also visible in 3D, as is the Excalibur Hotel & Casino and Luxor. Unfortunately, the interior look at the three-dimensional stadium in Apple Maps doesn't appear to work on the iPad, though that's likely because few people would use their iPad for mapping when the iPhone is so convenient.

As for the big game itself, we've seen a number of commercials from major brands already, including from major automakers like Volkswagen with its nostalgic history-centric ad and T-Mobile with its first Spanish-language advertisement during a Super Bowl via the Univision broadcast. It's no secret that ads are a big draw for the Super Bowl, which has had some winners like the Tide onslaught of 2018, as well as some flops, including Meta's bizarrely depressing VR commercial in 2022.