Every Star Wars VIII Secret Leaked So Far

Today we're going to look at the details of Star Wars VII that have been leaked so far. Most of these photos come from intrepid filming-site visitors, but some come from the actors or crew members participating in the film. While Star Wars 8 – or Star Wars VIII, if you prefer – is still over a year away, the time has come to begin diving in on hypothesis and imagery full-tilt boogie. ALSO NOTE: You may find SPOILERS below, but nothing too crazy quite yet.

Marian O'Flaherty has an of what's very likely Luke Skywalker's refuge on the planet Ahch-To. There we'll spend a little time understanding why Luke has been there so long and what the team of heroes' next move will be.

The Millennium Falcon can be seen at Daily Mail, looking much like it did landed below craggy steps at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Rian Johnson's Tumblr, shows how we're working with the same models (obviously) as we saw in The Force Awakens.

There's another image here in black and white – also from Johnson – showing a First Order Gunner of some sort. We would not be surprised to see this character look much like the Death Star Gunners in A New Hope.

One character you can certainly count on coming back – other than Rey and Luke – is Maz. This ancient guide will continue to Yoda her way through the series in Star Wars 8 without a doubt.

Digital Nomads support the theory that something goes wrong at this event in the video below.

Somehow or another, explosions are to be had, for certain.

Star Wars TFA: Who is Lor San Tekka?

One of the most exciting things we've read so far about the happenings in this next big Star Wars film is the recurrence of the Cantina scene. Each film has it's own big "here are the aliens" scene in some form or another – in this film, it's more than just Maz's Castle.

From Jason Ward at Making Star Wars: "The casino scene: There are lots of different aliens, like the bar (cantina) sequence in A New Hope but on a larger scale than we've seen before."

That's the same guy you'll remember from Star Wars: The Force Awakens as playing none other than TR-8R (TRAITOR!)