This Gaming PC Deal Scores Almost 20% Off Before The Holidays

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TL;DR: Gaming computers are a different breed. This refurbished Periphio Vortex Gaming PC is on sale for just $639.99 (reg. $779).

For serious gamers, leaving the quality of your gameplay and connection up to a standard PC doesn't often cut it. That's why so many opt for gaming computers. This refurbished Periphio Vortex Gaming PC is on sale for just $639.99 (reg. $779), making it a cost-effective way to bump up your performance.

At the heart of the Periphio Vortex is an Intel Core i5-6500 processor (3.6GHz Turbo) paired with 16GB of DDR4 memory. For graphics, there's NVIDIA'sĀ GeForce RTX 3050 with 8GB of dedicated video memory, while a 1TB SSD means plenty of room for games along with other data like photos and videos.

Space inside for upgrades

The result is support for smooth 1080p gaming with an impressive 60+ FPS performance for eSport titles on medium settings. It's all packaged up in a Portal Series gaming case, with its own LED lighting and acrylic windowed side panel so as to look the part on your desktop. Plenty of space inside means later upgrades should be easy, too.

Out of the box, this gaming PC runs Windows 10. Don't miss your chance to get this refurbished product, which has been tested and certified to work and look new, while it's on sale for just under 20 percent off.

Get this refurbished Periphio Vortex Gaming PC on sale for just $639.99 (reg. $779) for a limited time.

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