This Hidden iPhone Feature Let's You Make A Call With One Button

In the olden days, when everyone was still using landline phones, if you wanted to call back the last person you spoke to immediately, you'd dial *69. It was a nifty trick for quickly catching someone whose call you missed, especially since we didn't have digital contact lists to remember all of our friends' numbers back then. Of course, we do have contact lists these days, so you rarely have to manually dial a number unless it's someone you've never called before.

That said, if you're playing a game of phone tag with someone and need to call them back repeatedly, it can be a bit of a slog to keep digging through your entire contacts list for the call button every single time. Even using your phone's recent menu can be a few taps too many if you've been making a lot of calls that day. 

If you happen to be playing phone tag on an iPhone, though, there's a nifty trick you can use to save yourself a few taps and get back on the call much quicker.

Quick redial

The iPhone has a hidden feature that allows you to quickly redial the last phone number that you called. Rather than thumbing through your contact list to find your friend's number again, you can immediately bring it up by using the manual dialer.

All you need to do is open the Phone app on your iPhone, open the manual dialer, and tap the green call button without entering anything. The first time you tap the call button, the last number that you called or dialed will be automatically pasted into the number entry. If you press the call button again, you'll call that number. 

All in all, it's three quick taps (open the dialer, tap the call button, tap it again) versus several minutes of contact list scrolling and number-selecting. It's much quicker, to say the least, especially if your contacts list is especially long. Just remember to take a moment to check the number before you redial, in case you've been making a lot of different calls.

While we're on the subject of re-dialing, if you use Siri on your phone, you can also quickly redial a number with a voice command. Just activate Siri and say "redial that last number" to immediately call the last number that you dialed. Or, if you want to quickly hop back onto a number that called you, you can say "return my last call."