Ring Rolls Out Pet Tags To Help You Find Fido

Home security and smart home device-maker Ring is entering the world of pet tracking devices with the launch of Pet Tag. Despite the similarity in name with Apple's AirTags, Ring's device doesn't offer any GPS or Bluetooth-based location tracking facilities. "It's not a GPS tracker and can't track your pet's location," Ring says on the product page.

Instead, it's a simple coin-sized tag with a QR code printed at the back that can be scanned to pull up details about a lost furry friend and establish communication with the rightful owner. The Pet Tag, which is priced at $9.99 in the U.S., is tied to the Ring app ecosystem and the community of other Ring device owners, which is somewhat like Apple's own Find My network.

The Pet Tag has a small keyring and can be attached to any pet collar. All you need to do is take a picture of your pet, scan the tag's QR code using the Ring app, and then create a Pet Profile, which includes details about the animal and any crucial information related to its health and wellness that a rescuer must be aware of.

Finding lost pets becomes a community effort

For the success of its tracker, the Amazon-owned company is banking on the fact that a good samaritan will take a look at the Pet Tag on a seemingly lost pup, notice the QR code, and scan it. Once a Pet Tag is scanned, the owner is automatically notified that their animal pal has been found, while the rescuer sees the pet profile with all the necessary information in tow.

The pet profile also allows the rescuer to reach the owner via a call or text facilitated by the Ring app without ever getting access to the latter's phone number. To further assist with the rescue mission, users can also post their pet profile in the Ring online community and the Petco Love Lost network, which maintains a national database of lost and found pets.

The Ring mobile app also comes with a Lost Pet Mode that not only posts pet profiles on the community page, but also lets you establish a messaging line with fellow neighbors that also own Ring gear. Ring's Pet Tag comes in silver color and will begin shipping on October 4, 2023. In the meantime, if you are looking forĀ something more robust to ensure that your pet (hopefully) never gets lost, your other options are the Apple AirTags, Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 3, Whistle GO Explore, Tractive GPS Dog LTE Tracker, and the Tile Pro, among others.