LG's Latest Micro LED TV Costs As Much As A House

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It seems we are truly living in the era of cutting-edge, wildly-designed, outrageously-priced televisions. LG has today announced the LSAL006, a massive 118-inch TV with the latest-gen Micro LED tech powering the millions of minuscule pixels on its near-bezel-less panel. The South Korean company has set the asking price at $237,000, which means it's clearly targeted at humble folks who seek the absolute best TV-watching experience and also happen to be blessed with a fat wallet.

To put that into perspective, that amount could buy you a house in the states of Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky without much haggling, according to Redfin's monthly housing market data as of June 2023. Offering a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, LG's latest 4K TV is not the most pixel-dense TV, as 8K TVs are already in the market. On the positive side, there's plenty of 4K content out there, but hardly any meaningful library of content shot at an eye-popping 8K resolution.

LG has fitted the in-house AI-powered Alpha Intelligent Processor inside the giant TV, which also has a 136-inch sibling already on the shelves. Audio output is handled by a pair of 50-watt, 4.2-channel speakers, while the Alpha engine pulls tricks like scene-specific color and brightness adjustment. LG has generously equipped it with four HDMI ports, while wireless connectivity is handled over Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, and Miracast. As for why the TV is so expensive, the nascent Micro LED display industry is to blame here.

Why so expensive?

While the size does matter here, the biggest draw of LG's 118-inch TV is the Micro LED display tech bringing it to life. Often said to be the natural successor of OLED panels, Micro LED tech crams millions of micrometer-scale light-emitting diodes that can individually power and off. The result is an unprecedented level of control over color contrast, especially when it comes to reproducing accurate black tones. It's touted to be better than OLEDs because they rely on organic components that have a limited lifespan and often lead to issues like burn-in.

Micro-OLEDs can also reach far superior brightness levels compared to an OLED, while its natural strength at local dimming ensures that you get the best possible viewing experience in terms of accurate color reproduction and dynamic range. In the case of LG's latest TV, we are looking at "8 million-plus Micro LED pixels" ready to light up your room, complemented with a 150-degree viewing angle. And just like Samsung's Frame series of minimalist TVs, LG's offering also doubles as a massive photo frame for artistic pieces or family album set via a companion app.

Just in case you're wondering, this is not the most expensive TV you can get your hands on in 2023. The bill for getting Samsung's 219-inch The Wall Micro LED TV in your house runs up to $800,000. Panasonic's TH-152UX1 3D Plasma TV costs half a million dollars, which falls in the same ballpark as the C Seed 201.